Frankly speaking

There has been no further activity related to my post on the WP forum about site load time. Zilch. Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting with our site load times versus different browsers and got some surprising results. (Sounded like a click-bait sentence.)

I’m thinking it’s a PEBKAC incident.

I’ve compared load times using Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

  • Firefox sucked. It was the slowest. But it has been my choice of browser for years.
  • Safari was a bit quicker but the choppy scrolling on each webpage of each website drove me nuts. Bookmarks management as well.
  • Chrome was the quickest and afforded scrolling on the main page right away. It was quite nice although the scrolling was still a bit choppy. I will look into this browser a bit further.
  • Opera had some nice features, loaded the site similar to Safari, but still had the choppy scrolling.
  • Internet Explorer?

I’ve also noticed that the site’s font has changed among the browsers. I’ve set it to Helvetica and all these browsers default to Times or some serif font. That surprised me. It appears that after all these years, I still have much to learn about all this browsing and HTML-ing.

More research is required on my behalf. I have had no complaints about the site load times and the one guy on mobile who said “the wait is worth the content” kinda gives me the feeling that my worries are my own. People still visit SPT regardless of what I complain about the hosting service or Comcast or Firefox or the weather.

I guess that if you guys don’t say anything and have nothing to complain about as far as the performance of is concerned, then I’ll assume all is as well is it can be.

And don’t ever forget, no matter what you do… you will never outsmart the squirrels.

Thanks for stopping by.

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