Frankly speaking

It’s been a week since the St. Louis trip and our legs have finally stopped aching. I regret not bringing some of the local beer back. We didn’t have any time to stop in at Friar Tuck’s in St. Louis, but there was one located in Springfield, IL and another in Bloomington. We opted for the Bloomington location and summarily got lost trying to find it. I had no idea which direction we were headed and in which direction we were supposed to head. We finally had to stop and ask for directions which put us right at the front door.

The beer selection there was a bit small, not like Binny’s. I looked up and down a couple of shelves and decided it was getting late and we really should be on our way. Siri (with her new Aussie accent) got us back to I-55. Schlafly beers are finally available in Morris, maybe I’ll score a great one soon.

Ya know, I got to thinking. That HostGator tech support guy that I called a bit ago, while being perfectly honest with me, it seemed he wasn’t in the mood to get to the root of the problem. He said that the site loaded instantly on his computer when he visited the site. I think another call is in order. This time I’ll take readings of site load times with the various browsers that I have. For me, this shit’s gotta stop. There has to be some sort of database optimization/defrag/upgrade or something that can be done. I’ll also put in an unkind word about the lack of written email support when I call agin this coming week.

I had entertained thoughts about moving the site back to Google’s Blogger platform. Free, nice design options since the old days, and no worries about load times. But wait. Where’s the dignity in dot blogspot dot com? Ain’t none. In addition, I don’t know how they would treat our Babes since their image search engine changed and everyone is now going to Bing for some skin. Also crossed my mind. Last I heard, it was not as versatile and features were limited. For the time being, we sit and think. Sometimes we think and sit. Stay tuned.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Good things come to those who wait. Except waiters and waitresses. Think about it.

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