I Hate Macs

Nine-year-old video about one guy’s problems with the early iMacs.

Disclaimer: I’ve run Windows 3.1 and 3.11 and Windows for Workgroups and Windows 95. That’s what pushed me to buy a Mac. I bought my first Mac in 1997, a PowerPC 6500/250 with a built-in Zip Drive. It still works. It came with MacOS 8 and I’ve upgraded it to 9.2. All it needs is a new battery. For the clock. Other than that, it’s cherry. I also have a toilet seat iBook Mac laptop, now at MacOS 10.4. It needs a battery but I don’t want to buy one. And somewhere in a box, out in the garage, up in the rafters somewhere, is my very first Apple II. Not the IIe, the Apple II. With 80-column jumper, but no power supply. I just might fix that up one of these days and then start my own mini museum. After owning and using both platforms, I will NEVER say that one OS is better than another. Even Linux. Pfft!

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