It’s Sunday. It’s the very last Sunday of summer. We’ll have another week with some days in the low 80s, but that may be it. Autumn begins this coming Thursday. It’ll be like wringing the last few drops out of the summer rag. It’s the special time when we have baseball and football on TV at the same time. The Tivo or DVR will be put through its paces. Oktoberfest is now and the märzen lagers will be flowing. Soon I’ll be bad-mouthing the cold weather.

Nice Pics – Tattoos as Art

Inside the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong [6:19]

Powers of Ten – 1977  [9:00] – fave

NASA’s “forgotten astronaut” [5:28]

36,000 kids you don’t want to mess with [3:25]

The greatest dumpster diver of all time [2:34]

A brief look at the President’s “nuclear football” [3:08]

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird [7:15]

Development of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket [4:41]
Mute it if you don’t like the music background.

Triple spiral dominoes [2:27]


Beans [1:42]

Google Street View Guys [2:35]


Chet Atkins – Yakety Axe [3:42]

Earl Skruggs and friends – Foggy Mountain Breakdown [4:43]
Paul Shaffer vs. Leon Russel – complete and utter opposites


Close call [0:37]

Cutting through traffic [0:13]

Seal food in an air-free bag [0:58]

Orca punts a seal [1:00] – ends at 0:51


Inflatable Irish pub

American beer vs. Irish beer [4:03]

* Jiffs *


Ken Block’s Gymkhana Nine [8:10]

Hellcat power with a 5.7 hemi? [12:22]

MLB: crazy wild pitches [9:06]

Shotgun slugs vs. bulletproof glass [10:11]

DiResta makes an axe mold [7:18]

Nazi belt buckle pistol [7:47] – Forgotten Weapons

2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Tooling Tryout #1 [5:43] – Muscle Car of the Week

The worst beating in boxing history [9:40] – Dempsey vs. Willard – fave
(Willard’s the big guy.)

Matthew Stafford’s heroics [5:24] – 2009

Sexy dance [2:27]

Electric Light Orchestra – Turn to Stone [3:37]

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