Frankly speaking

All is well with the site and I have no issues except for the minuscule matters that I can see being on this end that are pretty much invisible on your end.

My biggest bitch is that the site still takes about 10 seconds load. I, like many of you, I’m sure tolerate is as just “one of those things.” A pet peeve. I’ve been to a few sites where the initial load times are longer than that, but that doesn’t help us at all. The last time I called tech support, they told me it was due to all the images posted on the site. That’s when I switched the picture posts to the subdomain. What it boils down to, I’m sure, is that the site’s database has become quite large and it takes time to get what’s asked for. I’m sure that I’ve lost many potential steady readers because of this load time.

I had entertained thoughts about switching over to a different hosting service now that I’m paying for a full backup both here and the subdomain. I remember all the research I did trying to find a hosting service when Google’s Blogger became a pain in the ass. A service that would allow the r-rated images that have been a big part of what SPT is.

This time, I’ll leave myself a note to ask HostGator about the load problem once again. I’ll endeavor to look into getting a new host if worse comes to worst. Let’s see what happens.

Incidentally, after initial bottling of the Skeeter Pee lemon wine, all my daughters in law (and the lady that cuts my hair) absolutely love it. Looks like it will become a traditional family lady’s drink.

Thanks for stopping by.

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