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I’d like to take some time and talk about what I don’t understand in the beer business. In my small town there are four bottle shops. I also visit two others out of town. They all offer the same brands but the pricing for the same beer may vary by as much as $3 from store to store. Then there’s the tiny store down the road from me who usually has a case or two of 3Floyds Zombie Dust. How is it that they can get it and the other shops in my area can’t (rhetorical question).

One of the things that I just can’t tolerate is the fact that if one store gets a hold of a beer rarely seen in the area, they jack up the price $5 or more per each. They gouge the customers.

I hear stories from a lady who owns a shop and she said that the distributor sales reps like to offer other, lesser known beers in quantity if the owner wants this other beer. e.g. “If you want one case of “popular beer,” you have to take three cases of Septic Tank IPA.”

I’m perfectly sure that the 3-tier system has to be altered, modified or done away with. The whole concept of the 3-tier system stems from the repeal of Prohibition in December of 1933 which was almost 83 years ago. Times have changed. So has the government. The southern states not so much. Alabama legalized homebrewing in 2013 after Jimmy Carter legalized it back in 1979.

Getting down closer to home, why is it that a 22-ounce bomber of Xyz Ale goes for $9.99, while a 4-pack of the same beer sells for $2 more (rhet.) To me it seems like only Lagunitas is holding down the prices of their beer in bombers vs. 12-ounce bottles while Stone and all the others are cruising at higher altitudes.

I have no answers to these questions but perhaps some of you could offer up your thoughts. I’m not angry about this, but I’d like to know who is getting my money when I buy my beer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The three tier system needs to be heavily modified but there is too much money in the game. The politicians only listen to money.

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