The leaves are still on the trees and the cicadas have come out in full chorus. The weather is still nice and warm. The only cricket to get in the house so far was washed into the spinning garbage disposal. If it wasn’t for the frequent rains, it would have been an ideal summer. But alas. The end will come soon enough. Until then, it’s more running through the sprinkler.

Nice Pics

2016 Woodward Dream Cruise pictorial

Funny acts of vandalism [7:54] – video slide show

Inside a materials recycling facility [3:24]

Pruning trees near power lines [5:09]

Military nuke blast that went wrong 70 years ago

Making Oreos [5:02]

Animatronic dinosaurs [4:10]

Celsius didn’t invent Celsius [8:11] – Veritasium

Homemade table saw and fence [7:08]


BBC – Rio Olympics [1:30]

Conflict [7:08] – fave

90’s Music

Ace of Base – All That She Wants [3:33]

Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You [3:40]


Rhode Island with a Brooklyn accent [0:32] Wolves [0:32]

Sarah Robles wins the Bronze [0:55]


Goose Island – more recalls

But how do they taste?

* Jiffs *


Another look at Calcio Storico [3:20]

Jason Statham kicks a lot [7:36]

“Car Crash very Shock dash camera 2016” [5:54]

Great baseball plays of this year [13:04]

Jackie Chan’s mall fight in Police Story [8:58]

Muscle Car of the Week is off this Sunday

M1 Garand Chapter 2 [12:35] – Hickok45

MMA – Dan Henderson tribute [2:24]

Biggest car chase ever [11:30]

Strip Dance from Mexico (?) [2:56] – no actual nudity

Black Crowes – Hard to Handle [3:46]

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