Frankly speaking

Skeeter PeeThe Skeeter Pee is done and I have some bottled up in Grolsch flip-top bottles. It tastes sublime with a nice slug of sweet partnered with a tart batch of lemon. Delicious. My batch of Skeeter Pee came out at 9.2% ABV. If you know some babe(s) who like(s) Summer Shandy, this is for her(them) (Pronouns are shit.) And the thing behind my even mentioning this is that’s it’s so damn easy to make. Search on YouTube for the video on how to make this. Start here. Hell, you probably already have a carboy and other equipment… go for it. I probably have about 3 gallons left which I will most likely rack into plastic empty water bottles.

MasaiMy grandson and I got the kegerator cleaned out… finally. Took a while, but it’s as clean as it’s going to get. However, the inside walls are starting to rust. The design of this chest freezer/keezer was wrong from the start. It’s 2’x2′ on the outside and about 18″ square in the inside. There’s a step inside to accommodate the mechanicals at the bottom-rear. Getting to the bottom of the space in front of the step is impossible for all humans. Tall humans, like NFL players, and members of the Masai tribe of Africa wouldn’t understand my problem. DinklageGuys like Peter Dinklage would be able to climb inside and clean the walls standing up.

I missed the Perseids when their time came. There was just too much ambient light from my vantage point out in the backyard that night. I said screw it and went back inside. I remember when Comet Halley came around in 1986. It was in January or one of those really cold winter months. I went deep into the backyard with my binoculars. I raised them up and couldn’t see shit because I was shivering so badly. Screw it. Back in the house.

Then there was a solar eclipse of the ’90s. Wife and I viewed the event in the afternoon through my welder’s mask. Amazing. Out of the mask, the surroundings took on an eerie aura of doom as everything had an odd green color. Then there was Hale-Bopp. Saw that event one evening while parking in the driveway. A fuzzball in the northern sky. Maybe more like a slushball if you were ever a kid.

There will be another solar eclipse one year from today. You can see the animation here.

That’s enough stars and cosmos and events. Shit. It’s time for bed.

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