Frankly speaking

My wife had recovered enough to return to work last Friday. Her boss (the dentist doctor) had her sit and stay off her feet whenever the workload would allow. Tonight she’s much better and we even went out to eat this evening. She’ll see an Ortho doc sometime next week.

I’m still looking to get the site moved off HostGator. Although we are chugging along just fine for now, I have lost faith in their reputation as an able provider. Every week they pop up a different ad about some service that they say I MUST have. But I have found two other hosting services which may suit the bill. Now I must find out if VaultPress (the backup service I’ve been paying for) can regurgitate all of its backup data onto a new host platform without a hitch.

The Mighty Tundra is getting long in the tooth just like the guy who drives it. The ‘check engine’ light went on again after the Iowa trip. Top Jimmy brought over his scanner and checked. The truck is throwing 3 different error codes, two sensors on fuel evap something and an O2 sensor. The O2 sensor will cost some bucks. Sooner or later it will all get fixed. I hate that goddamn light.

What could possibly equal the Iowa trip for Maid Rite sandwiches? A trip to the Elgin Public House for Sloppy Joe. But #1 son warned me about the traffic up that way and the time it would take to get there. We’ll see.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. This shit… still love doin’ it.


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