Summer meanders its way ever forward. Everyone is out doing something with their leisure time. There’s plenty more summer yet to come. And coming soon, perhaps at the end of this month but for sure next month, will come the goddam crickets. The annual cicada chorus will join in as well. They will be everywhere and get into impossible places… bedrooms, closets, suspended ceilings, cabinets, everywhere. They will be with us quite possibly until the end of October if the weather is nice. I’m not looking forward to dealing with those noisy bastards.

Nice Pics

Found on YouTube – #1 [11:05]
Found on YouTube – #2 [10:07]

Russia’s ‘Dead Hand’ [4:12]

Farm of the future [3:37]

Computers and timezones [10:12]

Tora! Tora! Tora! movie stunt gone wrong [1:58]

Pattern welding a Saxon sword [2:54]

Great Ball Contraption at Japan Brickfest 2016 [4:44]

AIDAprima cruise ship construction time lapse [8:16]

Perfect timing villain [4:27]


Bored Animator 2 [3:57]

Desire [9:10]


Brazilian busker covers Sultans of Swing [6:10]

World’s greatest ear [1:22]


Driver mistakes the clutch for the brake [0:40]

Turbo Camaro pedals the throttle [0:56]

100 tons of explosives in Iraq [0:47]


Why does American beer taste like water? [9:22]

Becoming a brewmaster [4:27] – Garrett Oliver

* Jiffs *


Bringing down an old white fir [13:20]

DiResta wooden spoon [5:28]

One punch boxing KOs [6:37]

BattleBots : SawBlaze vs Razorback – qualifying round [4:49]

Triple Double – 6 barrel shotgun [7:35] – Demolition Ranch

Viewer Mail, Smoking Cars, Dog Dish Caps, and More [8:34] – Muscle Car of the Week

Greatest MMA fights [14:55]

Big tire no prep drag racing – Missouri -vs- Oklahoma [12:22]

Destruction compilation [4:15]

Rules of Rugby [2:07]

Aerosmith – Dude Looks Like a Lady [4:23]

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