Slinks part 1

We’re divvying the Slinks between Sunday and Monday. Independence Day marks the unofficial middle of summer. A three-day weekend in the warm weather. Enjoy yourself and have a cookout. Malted barley beverages should be low in alcohol in order to allow maximum consumption over a maximum time. Still. Act responsibly. Exercise safety.

Nice Pics – Amazing Tattoos

Patience [2:20] – time lapse movie

Brexit explained [9:45] – Caspian Report

Could Texas secede from the U.S.? [3:16]

Cuba’s non-Internet [7:01]


Future Weapon [12:05] – fave


Ready to Monday part 2 [2:16]


Bad day to be sick [0:40]


A guide to India Pale Ales


Exploding spray paint in slow motion [9:58]

1968 Plymouth Road Runner 426 Hemi [5:36] – Muscle Car of the Week

Shooting at a block of magnesium [8:47]

1650 HP blown Cutlass [2:51]

How to make a pizza [3:17]

Georgia Satellites – Battleship Chains [3:15]

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