The UK is out of the EU and the sun is still shining, it’s in the 80s outside and ten bucks still buys some damn good beer (six bucks if it’s Lagunitas.) We wish the Brits good luck going forward. The Slinks are below.  Get clickin’.

Brexit in a nutshell [2:08]

Nice Pics- Female Body Builders (brr!)

The flower that smells like death [2:54]

Airplane black boxes explained [5:30]

The truth about solar [11:03]

Mercedes AMG engine factory [11:45]

The expansion of the Panama Canal [11:01]

Baseball and coffee makers [3:26] – EngineerGuy

How highways wrecked American cities [4:38]

Samy Kamar takes down MySpace [5:05] – 2005

Nothing but pressure washing [5:50]


Fuel [1:39]

Chaud Lapin [5:21]

Porky [0:20] – fave


  David Hicken – Incantation [5:00]

Hello – Tesla Coil & Robot Orchestra cover [3:44]

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Call Me [3:18]


Flight suit – Vive la France [0:49] – insane

Into the sewers [0:22]

1-pound whistle rocket with report [0:24]


Oldest beer [17:55]

Beer marketing failures – videos

Britain’s toughest pub – Aberdeen [7:07] – try to follow along – fave

* Jiffs *


DiResta flea market tools [10:43]

Explosion welding [8:14]

Pure sounds of rally [7:54]

UFC knockouts [7:24]

The Mountain (Hafthor Björnsson) – Europe’s strongest man [5:45]

1965 Chevrolet Malibu SS 4-speed convertible [5:40] – Muscle Car of the Week

Boxing double knockdowns [3:51]

Jay Leno rides in the Hemi Under Glass [5:15]

Jet boat in still water – Coeur d’Alene River [1:11]

Devil Inside – Sexiest female moments in film [3:14]

Rare Earth – I Just Want To Celebrate [6:00]

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