Frankly speaking

Sorry for the lack of a Brew Review but I decided to spend some garage time with the boys at Top Jimmy’s house. Jim has a huge garage and he invited family and friends over to keep him company while he removed the stock exhaust and installed new headers and a cat-back system on his Pontiac. Three out of four sons were present and I relaxed in the banter and chit-chat as we all sipped craft beer. Surprisingly, a 12k BTU air conditioner mounted in the wall kept the interior nice and cool while outside, it was quite warm and stifling.

On the list were Zombie Dust, Sophie, 80-Acre Wheat and a few different strains of Brickstone beer. Brickstone quite possibly, is our closest craft brewery located in Bourbonaise, Illinois and their American Pale Ale has become a go-to beer in our family. In Jim’s large garage, we listened to classic rock, discussed cars, guns, beer, past experiences and future plans. It was really a great time. We all watched as Jimmy refused help in his work until his twin brother joined in anyway.

I took my camera and snapped some photos. If you’re interested, I’ve created a gallery. Click the image to view next.

I made it home at midnight and decided to pound out this short post.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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