It’s a beautiful Sunday, although we may get some rain this afternoon. But that’s okay. It may be great where you are as well. Enjoy the day any way you can. Make sure you have plenty of cold barley beverages on hand. You can come back here later. The Slinks will wait.

Muhammad Ali image gallery

Giant octopus kite [1:00]

You are two [4:57] – CGP Grey

Materiable [3:06]

Scuttling the Vis Navy ship [4:33] – watch the guy in the red jumpsuit

Fire fighters’ forcible entry training [7:28]

Neil Armstrong flies the Lunar Landing Test Vehicle [1:44]

Forced Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Explained [17:50]

Morton pole building home

Broken tap removal [9:55]

Texas Rangers score 30 runs [5:40] – 8/22/07


Cool 3D World [0:42] – bizarre

Voltige [1:24]

Crazy Eights [0:23]


Born to be Wild on Japanese Gayageum [3:37]

Sir Reginald’s Marvelous organ [2:06] – Fave

Hardcore metal cockateal  [0:46]


Low pass jet fighter [0:34]

Wrecked car [0:18]

Musical Garands [0:37]


Justice Department ready to approve AB InBev takeover of SABMiller

Your five senses and beer [6:14]

* Jiffs *


Great Lakes Dragaway 1975 [9:56] – more info.

 Sticky fight РJackie Chan [3:16]

Porsche 718: A Living Legacy [10:59]

Best MLB diving catches [6:24]

AR15 Falkor Petra [9:31]

1969 Buick GS 400 Stage 1 [8:05] – Muscle Car of the Week

Formula Offroad Sweden [4:36]

UFC – Randy Couture highlights [8:15]

Nostalgia Drag Racing [6:21]

K-T-O-N dancing [1:28]
(the mention of her real name causes copyright take-down notices)

Van Halen – Unchained [5:07]

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