Ben’s mill

Long Saturday

Ben Thresher’s mill is one of the few water-powered, wood-working mills left in this country. Operating in rural Vermont since 1848, the mill is a unique link between the age of craft and the age of modern industry. In this 1981 documentary, Ben uses his machines and finely crafted tools to first adapt a neighbor’s pitch fork into a sod turner, and second to build a wooden watering tub for cows (a task that he accomplishes in one day). The film evokes the quality of rural New England life, and at the same time provides a close, step-by-step view of Ben’s woodworking processes.


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2 Responses to Ben’s mill

  1. Al Asarnov says:

    I’m glad you selected Ben’s Mill. It’s a great show (saw it first on public TV stations) and says a lot about living and working in a small community.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Glad you liked it.

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