Frankly speaking

Sorry folks, but the Brew Review became overrun by family members consuming beers and wielding conversation to no end. I had made the trip to Binny’s and purchased a worthy contender in the rain. It will be saved for another week.

At first, #2 son with his wife and offspring came by to look at wedding pics that we had received and also to discuss a potential new car purchase. He had brought over some 3Floyds beers and soon the conversation switched to other subjects that I thought would never come up. I refrained from his offer of barley beverages and decided to wait until they had gone home. It got later and later and they finally left.

But soon after that exodus the Dark Lord Day boys arrived at the door with their tales of deathly black stouts, variants, rain and characters from the midwest craft beer crowd. In that state of mind, they all talked over each other and it was hard to understand anything amid the din of words. The wife went through her routine of scolding them for drinking and then offered food and a bed to sleep. Only one took her up on the offer.

Dark Lord Day was another miserable weather day down in Munster, India with rain falling the entire time they were there. I decided to forgo the experience due to the aging process which has settled in my body. And, I hardly ever have a taste for thick, black Russian imperial stouts anymore. I have three years worth of DLs and others in storage and no one to share them with.

I’m thinking of making Faves a daily feature. I enjoy watching videos from past posts as I’m sure you do. So we’ll ratchet up a notch and post nine daily posts instead of eight. Also, and this may come to be if I remember, we should feature some babe model as our Humpday Honey once per month.

Then we’ll build roads. And bridges. And skyscrapers.

Thanks for stopping by.

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