It’s a glorious Sunday now that spring has sprung. Got to get outside and experience the sunny warmth before it turns to shit somehow. While I anticipate the days ahead and plan a few warm weather projects, you can click some Slinks below, regardless of your weather. Maybe I’ll just stay inside and look out the front window for a while.

Nice Cars

A brief history of America and Cuba [6:13]

Wild Chernobyl – The Big Picture

The best aerial video you will see today [2:54]

SpaceX Falcon 9 supercut [4:41]

Should all locks have keys? [5:14] – CGP Grey animation

Most bizarre vehicles ever made [8:37]

What if the Yellowstone volcano erupted? [4:37]

The world’s roundest object [11:43] – Veritasium

12 small engines [6:17]


A Fox Tale [6:53]

The Pyramids of Egypt [3:35]


Tiger Rag on the Wurlitzer [5:21]

Tom Brier on the street in Santa Cruz [3:06]


2.27-second pit stop [0:26]

Pro Football Hall of Fame Stadium demolition [0:36]

Atomic bomb shock and effects [0:58]

* Jiffs *


5 biggest mistakes Sam Adams’ Jim Koch made

Overcarbonation [0:56]


Polaris Rzr Sound and Fury [6:39]

2015 NFL season highlights [6:21]

Great baseball plays [6:26]

Chicago Bulls mixtape ’95 to ’96 [5:31]

M855A1 bullet shot into ballistic gel [2:25]

1969 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air IV 4-Speed [5:24] – Muscle Car of the Week

DiResta plastic channel sign [9:13]

Diabolical shotgun rounds [12:35]

’55 2.0 races for $10k [5:14]

Heavy Boobs [2:08]

Rush – Tom Sawyer [5:14]

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