Frankly speaking

What a great time to be alive. It hit the middle 80’s today and all the Harleys ever built came out to rattle windows all over town. Moms and kids were playing in the park and some of the old farts who still drive convertibles had their tops down. The young ladies left their tops up for today.

The Mighty Tundra was finally attended to this last week and repairs are well under way. I just might have my baby back sometime Sunday afternoon. Here are a few pics of the work:

The new cover adds an addition quart of oil to the capacity. The gentleman who did the work added Diesel fuel to the inverted housing and checked for leaks the following day. No leaks. Success!

It’s gonna be great to climb up inside the old girl and take her somewhere just for the pleasure of the drive. Fahrvergn├╝gen. A German word for “the thrill of the drive” in a Japanese designed truck, built in Indiana and driven by me. I will leave my top on so as to not scare the younger children. As I heard Red Green once say, “Guys over 40 should not go out shirtless.”

WordPress was updated to version 4.5 the other day and even though the made it more secure and added some features, one of them is giving me pains. Instead of a nice dialog box to edit link URLs, they now give me a shitload of extraneous crap that I don’t need when all I want is for the link to open in a new window. Someone down the line will complain and it just may be made better in the next or future update.

All that stuff I fussed over about the size of images in the galleries are hereby rendered null and void. The Weekly Babes images will remain the large size (500px) for the rest of the year to keep continuity. All the other stuff, SixPack Pics, Phonies, Honeys and whatever, will be back to full screen-fill sizes. I may throw in a small gallery or two as in this post above.

Man, the weather’s great, my truck’s coming back… what more is there? AH! Brew-in-a-bag out on the patio. Yeah that’s the ticket.

Thanks for stopping by. Yep. Still love doing this shit.

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