Frankly speaking

I logged into the site host today and received a message that I had to acknowledge. It appears that we have overextended our capacity and face dire consequences whatever they may be. I was urged to upgrade to something called a “special WordPress” package. From what I could tell, there would be no slowdowns, no delays and increased capacity for a nominal fee of a little more than twice our going rate. I got to thinking that all my harping about site load time and splitting off the graphic images to the subdomain would help, but apparently not. I’ll give HostGator a call tomorrow and see what this is all about.

While trying to select the Babes for this week, I decided to briefly scan some of the images form previous years. I discovered my own personal preference of not having to scroll through 52 full-sized images like what we did in 2015. It’s much easier for the viewer to see a reduced, medium-sized image and not experience all the scrolling. A simple click on a single image would open a new window with the full size as usual. I’m planning to change the 2016 Babes image sets to display medium sizes. I feel this would save on some carpal tunnel and scroll wheel finger cramping. The Next Gen Gallery plugin experiment is therefore postponed for a while.

My Mighty Tundra is on its ass again. There was a huge puddle of differential fluid under the pumpkin which started early last week. The leak became progressively more so the more I drove it. For now, she’s parked and I have to use the wife’s Chevy Cruze. Getting into that car is like climbing into a submarine with a small hatch. Her seat is set close to the steering wheel and higher than normal. Once I finally get in, My hair is messed up from scraping on the upper door structure and my knees are up around my neck. Then come the adjustments and lever crankings. The rear view mirror was looking at the back seat cushions. The heat is on high. The radio is tuned to some early ’60s station. I figure I burn about 12 calories just driving to the beer store.

I’m looking forward to the warm weather just like everyone else, but we have a few more weeks of dips and valleys in the temps before we can get rid of these sweatshirts and hoodies. DST starts at 2 a.m. Change your clocks and ponder why the hell do we still continue to do this. Oh yeah. We still have pennies and we don’t follow the metric system. (Although Celsius may be a bit difficult to wrap our heads around.) Hmm. Subject of a future rant.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. I still love doing this shit.

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