It’s Sunday and we are starting to see some improvement in the weather. 50s today and on into the 60s for most of next week. Gotta love it. Next weekend, DST starts. That’ll put everyone in an upbeat, optimistic frame of mind. Until we get used to it. Then the bugs will come. Millions of ’em. Maybe even billions. Can’t love that. Especially the crickets. Don’t get me started on crickets. Let’s click some Slinks instead.

Scott Kelly’s space photos – The Big Picture

FBI vs. Apple iPhone [7:59]

Lamborghini motorcycle

Tibetan sky burial [3:13]

Zebras vs. horses [6:22]

Want to go to Mars? [8:26]

Food waste in America [5:26]

100 years in 10 minutes [10:38]

A tour of Nick Offerman’s workshop [8:24]

First Contact [4:06] – short film

Animation Faves

High diving giraffes [5:27]

Steam Speed [4:44]


Imagine a Jump (Lennon/Van Halen) [2:17] – static image

Wintergatan – Marble Machine [4:32]

Bach Meets Rock – Solfeggietto [6:53]


Super Dickmann’s Werbung [0:20]

To beard or not to beard [0:57]

Anatomy of a split second [0:50]

* Jiffs *


The most underrated brewery in each state

Farmhouse brewing in Norway [4:24]

Sleepaway Brew Co. [0:34]


Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight [9:05]

Titahi Bay tower brought down [4:49]

AR-15 Gatling gun [6:51] – Miculek

Mike Tyson – Destroyer in Prime [8:48]

DiResta table saw sled [7:07]

1967 Shelby GT350 [7:27] – Muscle Car of the Week

Best movie fight scenes [16:24]

Extreme offroad hill climbs [6:15]

Marvin Hagler vs John Mugabi Round 6 [2:29] – Watch the entire fight here [50:46]

What is a turnaround? [3:29] – try to pay attention

Steve Miller Band – Fly Like an Eagle [14:58] – with Joe Satriani

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