With temps hitting close to 60° today in parts of Illinois, spring is not too far away. Daylight Savings Time is two weeks away. Then St. Pat’s Day. Before long we’ll be swatting flies and mosquitoes. But the really warm weather is still a couple of months away. We can hardly wait. While we do, the Slinks are nicely in a vertical row waiting to be clicked.

Nice Cars

What is a leap year? [3:58]

Laniakea – Hawaii by drone [1:59]

Steam whistle talent [5:21]

eMachines – never obsolete [9:06]

Drone racing qualifying rounds at the Miami Dolphins Stadium [13:50]

Brave: Potentially the best modern web browser [3:27]

Bad doors are everywhere [5:31]

Why you should try every cheesesteak in Philadelphia [5:01]

2016 Chicago Cubs (Preview) [5:07]

Heaven or Spoon? [7:14]

Animation from C&H

Ghost Cops [1:56]

Baby Factory [0:59]

Forensics [2:06]


Vanuatu water drummers [2:43]

Star Wars Imperial March in a major key [3:02] – static image

The Beatles – Honey Pie Remix [5:35] – another static image


Trains in distress [0:15]

T-bone crash [0:20]

Cuttin’ pork chops [1:00]

* Jiffs *


A visit to Unibroue

Shipping container bar

Hey! Pass me a beer [2:33] – Fave


Onboard GP3 Racing [1:36]

Magnum pistols [6:52] – Demolition Ranch

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Michelle Yeoh vs Zhang Ziyi [3:11]

Cal Worthington F-4s [6:04]

Ripsaw EV2 [1:39]

1964 Studebaker Avanti Paxton Supercharged R2 [9:36] – Muscle Car of the Week

4-Bore rifle recoil [3:12]

Indian Pole Gymnastics [6:28]

Best fight scenes of Ip Man 2 [18:43] – worth it

Robyn Lawley for an SI Swimsuit photoshoot [2:29]

Def Leppard – Rock of Ages | Photograph [9:32] – live 2013 Las Vegas

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