It’s Sunday. What the hell are we going to do now that football is over? We’ll find something, we always do. There are some sports somewhere on TV. But wait. I have a better way of passing some time. It’s a feature called Slinks and they’re lined up below. Start clicking.

Nice Pics

Dream garages

Surfing at a thousand frames per second [6:39]

Chimpanzee attack [3:54]

All about the bullwhip [14:08]

Facts about Top Fuelers

How to fix a new gas can [7:09]

Concrete does not dry out [2:03]

Colored shirts on aircraft carriers

Coachbuilt Corvette [6:25]


History of Japan [9:00]

Sexy car wash [1:32]


Mozart plays Salieri [1:41]

Mambo lip sync [1:35]

Jaw Harp Boogie [1:35] – Fave


Real life Ski Free [0:33]

AHS Krab Howitzer [0:25]

Nissan GT-R goes airborne [0:54]

* Jiffs *


Make hot sauce with beer [1:57]

Growing your own hops [2:45]

Samuel Jackson Beer [1:25] – Fave (Dave Chappelle)


Super fast sand racer [6:17]

6 gymnastic gold medals [3:06]

Brutal boxing KOs [12:21]

HRV (Homemade Redneck Vehicle) [3:27]

Workbench on wheels [9:54]

 1969 Camaro ZL-1 [8:41] – Muscle Car of the Week very first episode

Extreme kiteboarding [3:04]

“The Beast” Tomislav Spahovic [5:39]

Bloody UFC fights [3:12]

How to check your car’s engine oil [1:14]

Dire Straits – The Bug [5:21]


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