Frankly speaking

Super Bowl Sunday is tomorrow and it’s a big deal at our house. All the kids and all their babes and the young’uns come over to watch the game, laugh and commiserate, but mostly for Mom’s homemade Reuben sandwiches. They are the best in our lives. My wife and I will take our positions at the stove. I’ll butter the rye bread slices while she adds the corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut to the bread and cooks. Meanwhile, there will be a din coming out of the living room where the rest of the family is. I’ll find that my oldest grandson has camped out at my computer again and there will be the pitter-patter of little hooves as the youngest one visits all the rooms in our house one by one. The cold barley beverages will flow. Available will be some Brickstone APA, quite a tasty beer from a brewery down the road in Bourbonnaise, Illinois near Kankakee, some Revolution Anti-Hero and whatever is left in the fridge from the previous week. Maybe some homebrew in a jockey box. Ya never know.

Here in Morris we’ve been lucky with the weather be it winter and all. With the El Niño in the west and tornado anomalies down south, it’s making for some milder weather over by here. The eastern seaboard and the northern plains seem to be taking the brunt of the weather so far. But I still haven’t forgotten the blizzard of  ’12 when we lost power. My wife and I sat behind the dining room window in a dark house while I sipped on a Cappuccino Stout and she yelled at the idiot drivers through the glass, telling them how stupid they were to be driving in a blizzard.

We have no leaks in the roof and it keeps moderately warm but my wife rules the thermostat. I’ll add a layer when I find myself getting a chill, usually during beer time in the evenings.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather. I plan to brew a Belgian dubbel or quad and let it sit for about six months or longer before bottling or kegging. I’d also like to get back into brew-in-a-bag. Those were some great beers that came out of that process. Then there’s the Skeeter Pee that I seem to have forgotten. I’m sure the ladies would like that.

I must tell you again that posting on SixPackTech has become the most enjoyable part of my life. I love this shit. I enjoy the challenge of finding new content suitable for your viewing. I’m as avid as I was back in ’08 when I started. Perhaps a bit wiser as well. I’ll strive to live up to our standards.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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