It’s Sunday. The Pro Bowl is on today where the rules of football for young kids are in effect. Don’t want nobody getting hurt. We’re having an unseasonably warm day today with the temp reaching 50°. Groundhog Day is looming on the horizon. The burb of Punxsatawney, PA (just a tad north of Gobbler’s Knob) is in full preparation. What a momentous day it will be. Pfft!

SixPack Pics

All the space stations in history [4:20]

DeLoreans to built again

iPhone 7 with no headphone jack? [5:02]

Why the rotary engine is dead [5:13]

Choosing a high security padlock [14:38]

What if robots go to war? [2:08]

BMW factory [4:06]

All Japan Robot Sumo 2014 [5:25]

Rhythmic gymnastics [2:59]


Mechanical Creep [1:51] – Fave

Pink Troubles [1:57]


Electroarachnid Soda Pop [6:49]

World’s fastest banjo player [1:38]

Joan Jett- I hate Myself for Loving You [4:14]


Bobcat quick load [0:47]

Mr. Clean [0:45]

When skinheads encounter gays and Muslims [0:35]

* Jiffs *


Sam Adams Nitro Project [0:30]

Straya 2016 promo [1:49]

Thirsty for Beer [1:50] – Thanks, Terry


DiResta chess board [12:46]

World’s highest everything 2016 [6:30]

Benelli M1014 Military Shotgun [6:05] – Jerry Miculek

Red Bull flight convergence [6:13]

Wheelie competition from Byron Dragway, Illinois [15:27]

1966 Dodge Coronet 426 Hemi [6:31] – Muscle Car of the Week

US Military Show of Force exercise [3:22]

UFC 2015 highlights [4:27]

Top Fuel 32 years ago – how young we were [3:31]

Michelle Pieroway photoshoot [2:04]

Bad Company Shooting Star [6:10]

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