Another Sunday. Another day deeper into winter. As the days go on, the temps drop by a degree or two (or 10) on average. It’s sneaking up on us. We know what it’s doing but we never really expect it when the bottom finally drops out. NFL wild card games then the semi-finals then the Super Bowl. After that there’s nothing. An utter void until MLB’s opening day in April. It’s not all that bad when the refrigerator is stocked with a ration of craft beer. That certainly helps us tolerate the darkness.

NatGeo photo contest winners – slideshow

Sports in America [4:50]

Scientific way to defog your windshield [6:28]

The Brabham BT46B Fan Car [4:54]

Formula 1 flags and their meaning [3:14]

No 6207 A Study in Steel 1935 [17:16]

All-in-one tool box [6:09]

Illinois is among the least liked states in the country

Holland & Holland – Gunmaking Craftsmanship [9:11]

Funerals are a total ripoff [3:58]


Lego Captain America 3: Nazi Zombies [6:07]

Ruins [4:05]


Beatles’ Blackbird cover [2:48]

Johnny Cash – General Lee [2:53]

My Bologna [0:24]


Shot of the day [0:33]

Proving physics [0:49]

Dolphin surfers [0:30]

* Jiffs *


Infected Bourbon County beer refunds

Tasting a 125-year-old beer – Thanks, Terry

The Reinheitsgebot purity law has to go


Proper winter rally driving [5:08]

Inside a car crash dashcam compilation [10:19]

Climbing a dam in a Land Rover [8:16] – Top Gear

Most dangerous boxers of 2015 [11:06]

Motorsport crashes -2015 [13:31]

426 Hemi ‘Cuda Challenger Convertibles Display [6:55] – Muscle Car of the Week

Hydroplaning in Iceland [3:38]

Oklahoma Pro Street racing [14:32]

Great MMA KOs [21:09]

Weather girl slip [0:37]

Credence Clearwater Revival – Travelin’ Band [2:07] – 1970

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