Frankly speaking

As great as the holidays were, I’m glad they’re over. The cleanup is done and the tree came down just this evening. Now is the time when our mindsets sink into the winter doldrums where it’s always cold and dark, and there either is or isn’t snow on the ground. Any minor problem with the house or the vehicles becomes a major pain in the ass. We are all of the same opinion that we hate winter. Except for the Aussies who are now going into spring and are looking forward to summer. Maybe.

The site is running smoothly and there have been only a smattering of spam comments which are easily caught by our Akismet plugin. For now, the only thing I’ll change just may be the old Next Gen Gallery plugin. We’ve waited over a year for them to get their shit together and make their plugin work smoothly after the buy-out or whatever… the change of hands. I probably won’t use it like it was used in the past but maybe, just maybe there will be an option to number the images in a gallery. To this day, there is no decent WP plugin or code to make this happen. I don’t want to resort to placing images on other sites like Picasa or Photobucket or the like. If something shits on their end, it causes grief on our end. We’ll see.

The 2016 Weekly Babes image library will be created on the subdomain and I’m just waiting for all the bricks to line up to make it happen. Images from last week (2015) will wait another week before they’re recycled out. The implementation is relatively easy and the Weekly Babes will display through a link to the proper page on the subdomain, just like our daily Honeys, Pics, Jiffs, etc. And as usual, we will have all links open in a new window. It’s hell having to wait for SPT to reload after hitting the back button. (Man, I gotta get that fixed somehow.)

MingOne gift which I received on Christmas was a brand new Carhartt jacket (in black) from my wife. Fits great, nice and warm. But it’s new. It needs to be broken in, softened up, or something. When I climb into the truck the jacket collar is way up the back of my neck making me feel like Ming the Merciless. Looking left or right gets me a small portion of lapel in my face. Trying to engage the zipper with the strings dangling in the way drives me nuts sometimes. And the zipper, with the up-down pull tabs needs some lube or WD-40 or Vaseline or something. I love the jacket and maybe, by St. Patty’s Day, it’ll calm down. I may have to beat it down. But I’ll still wear it.

Another whole year of me loving doing this shit. Thanks for stopping by.

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