Frankly speaking

I’m just about back to 100% with my neck issues. Man, what a pain in the neck that was. (Pfft!) Sleeping was the worst and driving and shifting the body left and right to check traffic really wasn’t a great idea. Did everything, heat, SportsCream, Aspercreme, but absolutely no yoga. It was slow going. When I finally got some limited mobility back, Ibuprofen in the morning helped me through the day. Shoulda started that on day 1. I must remember that as the body ages, healing takes longer.

We set the tree up yesterday and the whole underside is now covered in gifts. The traditional manger scene with the Christmas Avatar is in place. Ikea Sven is all decked out and Bobblehead Frank has the hat of the season.

Christmas Avatar

Christmas Avatar

Sventa Claus

Sventa Claus

Bobblehead Frank

Bobblehead Frank

I’ve noticed something about myself that is probably human nature. After over 14,000 posts on SPT since it went live back in ’08, I may repost an old video and not realize/remember it. I’m going to take that in stride because I know you do. Old posts are why we have the Faves that show up on Tuesdays and the Random gizmo in the sidebar. I’m pretty sure that we are of like minds when thinking that some of this stuff is too good to be viewed just once. Hope you understand. Comments are always open.

For the upcoming week, things will be normal until Christmas day. I’ll churn something out for those of you who are bored with the surroundings you’re in. I haven’t made up my mind about a brew review for Saturday but I’ll do my best. Hell, I spend most of my day behind the keyboard and monitor. Surely something will dawn on me between now and then.

This upcoming work week, however short, will probably suck for everybody. If the Christmas spirit hasn’t hit you already, it will hit early next week when things start to slow down. Managers go missing, phones go unanswered, people take vacations. The most woeful of the working crowd are those who are on second shift on Christmas eve. That blows. Then on Christmas day, when you’re driving to visit family, pay attention to how many semis are on the road. It really sucks for the drivers.

Do what you can to maintain your demeanor this next week. When it’s over we do something similar for New Years. After that, it’s back to the salt mine. Gotta pay those bills. Thanks for letting me paint this text picture for you. Pfft!

And thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Tim McT says:

    Beer idea. If you have some Goose Island BCBS, how about side by side using a new one and one about a year old. If you don’t have that but have some new ones, taste a new one now then review the same a year later. Merry Christmas. Enjoying the posts from Puerto Rico.
    Pirate Brewer

  2. fcgrabo says:

    That’s a great idea. I just checked my stash and I have some 2014 but no new stuff. I have a son who likes to hoard BCBS. Thanks a lot.

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