It’s Sunday, a day of relaxation. There is a law which states that you must relax on this day and it is well advisable that you do. You can unlax on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until Thanksgiving Thursday when the relax law goes back into effect along with the eat good and well law. Don’t ask questions, just do it. It’s the law.

Origins of ISIS [10:35] – Caspian Report

AK-47 rifles [10:37] – Jerry Miculek

F/A-18 SuperHornet high-speed low -level maneuvers [5:34]

Nice Pics – Cosplayer Babes

Reclaimed wood shop [6:25]

Inside the world of drone racing [2:40]

Old Skyhook scenes [4:13]

Rare Earth Element [3:48] – short film

Giant LEGO ball contraption [7:03]

A quick lesson on southern linguistics [1:54]


Captain America vs. Nazi zombies [6:07]

The Sim [3:56]


Mack the Knife [2:45]

Old movie dance scenes mashup [4:52]

Happy Happy Joy Joy [1:45] – Ren & Stimpy


Brick laying technique [0:45]

All Blacks barbecue [0:46]

Jerry goes to work [0:44]

* Jiffs *


Craftwerk: Brooklyn Brewery [17:43]

25 ways homebrewers open a bottle [2:38]

Turbo Tap breaks 9-second barrier [0:50]


DiResta fireman’s axe [12:20]

Jackie Chan vs. Brad Lane [10:09]

Russian shotgun slugs [5:12]

MIR Haltech World Cup Finals [5:35]

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald – Fight Of The Decade [4:15]

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 [6:57]

Air show stunt [4:06]

Shooting open a big padlock [9:12]

“Hollywood” Camaro [2:14]

Kelly hotness cameos in Married With Children [7:36]

Steve Miller Band – Dance, Dance, Dance [6:37]

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