Frankly speaking


Goddamn snow. Winter has officially invaded this part of Illinois. It took about 15 minutes to scrape my windshield and clear the windows, lights and license plate prior to my beer run. And after all the advice doled out in posts on this site, there I was in a tattered Carhartt jacket, no gloves and no cap. Time to practice what I preach. Temps will drop into the teens tonight. The forecast predicts middle 50s by Thursday. This state has screwed up weather just like our state government.

As I was scraping the snow and ice, I kept catching a glimpse of something darting in and out of eye shot. What the hell? A gnat? NOW? No. It was a strand from the tattered cuff of my jacket. The jacket has been well worn and has been a trusted winter ally for the past 10 years. I’m debating getting a replacement and donating the old one to charity if they’ll take it.

The crickets are finally and ultimately gone. Kaput.

A while ago, I worked with a guy who just wouldn’t give up his brown Carhartt. Seemed like every month there would be another length of duct tape holding some area together. After quite a few years, the jacket became about 50/50 fabric and tape. We’d always chide him but he just kept wearing it.

At the recommended time, I got the oil changed in the Mighty Tundra. The spurring issue was when the oil pressure gauge didn’t register any more while in traffic. I footed the bill for 7 quarts of Mobile 1 Extended Range 5W30 oil at ten bucks a quart. My son’s shop did the work along with a tire rotation. He recommended I not go the “extended range” of 15k miles and instead go back to normal 3 to 5 thousand mile interval. I’ll take him up on that offer because I was always uncomfortable with the extended time interval and, of course, the price of the oil. The truck has 161K right now and with regular oil changes, it should double that. As long as the diff doesn’t leak again.

I have been pressured into a Christmas list by those around me. I don’t need much so I don’t ask for much for the holiday. I always wind up with more that I asked for and stuff I don’t know what to do with. One mysterious item on my list is a 23″ monitor “for a future Mac.” I plan on getting another Mac mini for myself and giving this iMac to my grandson for his homework, Minecraft games and other misc “hee-hee-hee” stuff that 12-year-olds do. I’ll leave his parents to monitor that activity.

I’m still on the quest for image numbers and also beautiful babes, beautiful fast cars and tasty craft beer. I love doing this shit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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