It’s Sunday. Outside it’s autumn. Temps are in the 50s and leaves are everywhere as far as the eye can see. As time goes on, temps will drop another 30 degrees with dips and highs. The low temps will be cursed for the all the trouble it causes. The higher temps will be celebrated because the car will start on possibly the first try. Winter is coming. Winter will be cursed in its entirety.

Nice Cars

SEMA 2015 pics

The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see [5:05]

Beautiful Chemical Reactions [6:30]

British Airways Concorde [4:30]

Seattle’s largest hardwood tree taken down [12:07]

Laser tube cutting machine [3:01]

1953 Beetle – Air-cooled Art [5:35]

Prosthetics [5:44]

Marshmallow farming [2:34]


How to go to space [2:57]

It’s a Bird (1930) [3:03]


Shira Choir at a Bar Mitzvah [4:58]

Sandu Ciorba – Dalibomba [3:15]

Party Rock Cantina Band [0:32]


Who designed this? [0:28]

Fastest hands in the world [0:07]

Brain’s Faggots [0:40]

Ready to blow [0:08]

* Jiffs *


The Greatest Beer Run Ever [12:55]

The story behind 2015 Goose Island BCBS Rare

Sam Adams releases Utopias for 2015


Louisiana MudFest 2015 [9:49]

A study in Conor McGregor [9:17]

You must drive this [10:36]

DiResta sign [10:00]

Aircraft hangar fire suppressing foam [4:58]

1971 Chevrolet Corvette 454 LS6 [6:42] – Muscle Car of the Week

US sailors big gun training [4:31]

Drag boat crashes [1:56]

Sand rail fun [3:52]

Spandex models [2:03]

Joe Walsh – Analog Man [4:31]

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