Frankly speaking

I tried the code that I found on the Internet to add numbers to images. Seemed like the code was over three years old and didn’t work with the latest and updatest WordPress version we’re running. The quest continues. I’m surprised that no one recently has asked about this or that no WP developer has brought it upon himself to make a plugin that does this. Maybe I’m just asking the wrong question or looking in the wrong places.

There was a mead competition at the homebrew club meeting last Friday night. The entries ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. Later, a member unleashed a case of bottled and corked meads she had made. This started getting loose real fast. The small area we were in got louder and louder. Luckily, someone remembered that we were a BEER club as well and broke out some bottles of commercial brew. It was an early night to bed for yours truly. I can’t drink like I used to. And that may be a good thing.

Illinois weather takes another upswing early next week with temps nearing 60 and then it dives by week’s end barely getting into the 50s. Typical November weather for Flatland, USA.

A reader wrote in with a possible replacement for Red Green on Thursdays. I’ll sift through some videos and see how it goes. Thanks, Tony. I appreciate it. Thursday posts will continue regardless.

Have you noticed how many people are still referring to tape and film in their titles? There is no more tape and no more film for the average user. We’re all digital these days. The words tape and film should be replaced with word camera or video. “Yesterday’s tornado caught on tape!” Who the hell carries a video tape recorder around anymore? Today we have small Compact Flash cards and SD cards in our cameras. Some cams even have ultra-mega-super gigabyte storage cards the size of your pinkie nail. crawMany just store images and videos in their RAM. Built-in software handles compression and download. Sorry, just something I had sticking in my craw.

Once again, as usual, I’ll say it. I still love doing this shit. Thanks for dropping by.

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