It’s Sunday, the day for rest. Spend it however you wish but I recommend NFL and/or the World Series. A book is a last resort. But every Sunday, rain or shine, the Slinks are here with a whole bunch of different and various viewing options. I’d recommend Slinks over all the above.

Nice Pics

Flying snowmobile [4:35]

NASA Project Morpheus test flight compilation [4:54]

How the yellow football line is made [3:28]

The wild west of drone racing [6:03]

The Slow Mo Guys spin up and shatter a CD [8:35]

Installing huge beams with joinery [6:50]

12-row sugarbeet harvester [6:06]

How expensive is it to own a Bugatti? [3:05]

Rail guns – the science of shooting [5:43]


The real reason leaves change color in fall [2:29]

Death to Pennies [4:30]

End of Ze World [1:32] – 12-year anniversary


Beatles drum chronology [5:15]

Russian guy impersonates Freddie Mercury [2:50]

Country Current, the US Navy’s country/bluegrass band, performs Missouri [3:08]


Root beer rocket [0:54]

Terry Crews alarm clock [0:23]

Football players play musical chairs [0:23]

* Jiffs *


Craftwerk: 3 Floyds [8:05 video]

Dogfish Head Brewery Google Street View – interactive

Top 5 beer facts [6:04] – from Watch Mojo for what it’s worth


ZeFrank’s guide to candy trading [2:51]

Norwegian Mercury Cyclone [6:12]

Ambiogenesis [4:25] – sci-fi short

Two 1000hp cars [11:37]

Twin-turbo Camaro [5:04]

Top 10 muscle cars [5:25] – Muscle Car of the Week

Best boxing comebacks [13:39]

Extreme foil racing [2:38]

Mud pit racing [10:22]

Boob twerking: the untold story [3:20]

Led Zeppelin – Good Times Bad Times/Ramble On [8:50]

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