Frankly speaking

StandardTimeTurn your clocks back an hour tonight, Saturday. Or it could spoil your Sunday. Worse yet, it could be really bad for Monday.

I hate these times. For me, it’s the official start of winter. In my mind I feel like it’s the Dark Ages all over again. Not only must the clocks be set back an hour, but also the mindset has to be readjusted as to how much time you have left to get something done before it gets dark. On Sunday, sunset will be about 4:45. Back in the summer, at 4:45 the backyard party was just getting started. You had plenty of time to start the grill. On Sunday, we’ll all have supper with the lights on and the windows dark. Phooey! And they classify this as Daylight Standard Time.

After today’s rain, it looks like we only have one gutter that needs to be cleared. It’s right above the back door, the one used the most. With all the clutter still remaining in the garage (yep) I’ll have to wade my way to the back side and get the ladder, and then throw it towards the front door. What could go wrong? If things don’t work out, I’ll just call one of my kids over. They can do it when they get off overtime at work. That would make me a bad Dad and I can’t do that. I’ll just throw the ladder.

By now, many regular visitors to the site have noticed a thing or three. The last pic in most daily topics is special. Sunday Jiffs are, as well. Nice Pics, Thursday Jiffs, Photoshop Phonies all have that special last image that sets it apart from the others. The last Slinks video is also special. That’s not because of the way I am, but because of the way we are. I don’t know of any other site with our general format that does this. Except for that one in Russia, but you can’t read any of the words. They’re all in cryptics and hieroglyphs.

Before I go to bed an hour earlier, I’d like to remind you that SPT stickers are still available and still free. Just an email gets you some. Also, comments are open on both this site and the pics subdomain. Feel free to be chatty.

Oh. And one more thing. I still, to this very day, love doing this shit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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