It’s Sunday. The weather’s holding up but we don’t know for how long. MLB payoffs are over and the highlight for the next week will be the build up to the World Series. The NFL is in week 7 (could be 8, I lose track) and all the losers have been pretty well identified. There’s still time to attend to matters of the yard and to get the winter snowblower ready. And every time I mention that the crickets are finally gone, I’ll hear another one just outside my bedroom window. (Why are you still chirping?? All the rest of your kind are dead!)

Nice Pics

Inside a flight data recorder [2:14]

The Arctic seed vault [2:41]

How big is Apple? [17:33]

Climbing the K2 Bottleneck [1:06]

Baseball’s statistical revolution [5:25]

RPG-7 explained [13:34]

Tommy Chong’s unaired ad [1:34]

Apollo Lunar Moon Rover stabilized video [1:29]

Mad World [3:18]


Divers [3:12]

Death Knocks 3 Times [2:36]


Deagle clip [0:49]

Victor Borge – Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 [5:24]

I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore [2:55]


You can live in South Dakota [0:30]

Organique Mecanique [0:10]

Hard drive vs. pneumatic press [0:35]

* Jiffs *


Scrap the middleman

History of the growler

224 brands. One company [5:26]


2400 hp AMC Javelin [8:00]

Schwarzenegger vs. Zombies [13:37]

3800 yard long range shot [5:29]

Firing the M777 artillery gun [5:35]

Hillclimbing cars [7:07]

1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda AAR [7:04] – Muscle Car of the Week

MMA high kick KOs [1:56]

More Marshawn Lynch [2:02]

Hemi-powered rat rod [3:29]- Fave

Mechanical bull + short skirt [2:23]

Tom Petty- Don’t Do Me Like That [3:35]

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