Temps continue to drop and swing. We’ll have a few days in the 50s and then a few in the 70s. The furnace responds accordingly. Won’t be long before we’re shoveling snow and scraping windshields.While football picks up momentum, the baseball season winds down to the last few playoff games and then the World Series where no other country in the world (except Canada) can play. Go Cubs!

The MH17 crash [19:57]

Russia’s air strikes in Syria explained [8:16]

Photos of Saturn’s moons – slideshow

The U2 chase cars [2:25]

Red Drum Getaway [4:02] – movie mashup

$16 million in vintage autos sold in Hershey, PA. – slideshow

Physics of a NASCAR crash [4:54]

Chio & PIN fraud explained [8:44]

Wound Ballistics – round nose vs. hollow point [5:23]

What happened to the ‘Dude You’re Getting A Dell’ Guy? [3:11]


Gumball Wars [1:42]

Transformers Stop motion – Prime VS Menasor [3:54]


Hoo Ba Ba Kanda [3:12] – You remember him?

Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces [6:53]

La Vie En Rose [2:03]


Dad fires the .50 cal [0:49]

Nyt LMG Danish machine gun [0:35]

Adam Savage’s new Duck Army Bomb [0:40]

* Jiffs *

The world’s biggest breweries –
Beer Geek

Heineken [3:33]

SAB Miller [4:03]

Anheuser-Busch [4:28]


UFC intro [5:12]

GAU-19/B .50 Cal Gatling Gun [3:44]

Motorsport crashes [15:16]

Biggest football hits [4:13]

Nitro funny cars [3:39]

1965 Mercury Comet B/FX [7:07] – Muscle Car of the Week

National Rugby League best tries of the 2015 season [8:37]

Recalibrating M777 Howitzers [2:59]

Great baseball plays [6:26]

Hot girl + short skirt + mechanical bull [2:23]

REO Speedwagon – Time for Me to Fly [5:26]

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