Yes indeed, it’s Autumn out there. Much cooler air and the crickets are finally gone. Time to mow the lawn for the last time and then add a bit of Sta-bil before stashing the mower in the shed or the dark corner of the garage. Conditions are still right for a quick oil change in the car or truck and a test firing of the snowblower. Or just stay inside and watch the game(s.) Or click some Slinks below. Takes the same amount of time.

Flooding in South Carolina – The Big Picture

Nice Pics

Sampling of some of the 8,400 Apollo moon mission images vailable online

The Cuban Internet [6:45]

How big is Samsung? [11:22]

Firing the Pak-40 German 75mm AT gun [7:35]

Vulnerability: The Secrets behind iCloud hacking [11:35]

Chain trencher machine [16:10]

The truth behind every wedding [5:31]

Tire ski jump [6:14] – Japanese – Fave


Death of a notebook [2:51]

Palm Rot [7:30]

Clash of the Clans [4:32]


Virsky dance rehearsal [4:04] – pure Ukraine

When I Saw Sandman Standing There [1:59] – Metallica/Beatles

The Turtles – Happy Together [2:47]


Aussie underwear [0:30] – try to follow along

Rush hour in Denmark [0:24]

Gatorade cooler must die! [0:17]

* Jiffs *


Pliny: documentary [12:05]

Saaz hop harvest – Zatec, Czech Republic [1:41]


I want to be Ed Hoculi [1:40]

Best NBA dunks [3:43]

About funny cars [2:45]

DiResta ice picks [7:58]

Wayne Gretzky highlights [6:25]

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 [7:44] – Muscle Car of the Week

World’s Greatest Drag Race 5 [6:22]

Female body builders [6:35] – video pictorial

Rally crashes [14:56]

Aussie reviews Yanet Garcia photoshoot [2:02]

Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll [3:53]

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