Frankly speaking

The staff and I will be taking the entire long weekend off. Apologies for the lack of a Saturday night beer drinking episode. Those episodes will start with the family tomorrow over barbecue ribs and fixin’s.

The bathroom is functional for now with some minor caulking to do and the mounting of the sliding doors in the shower. We’re using the old curtain for now.

Got a new toilet which my son calls a “Baller.” Push down on the flush knob and that shit is sucked down in an eye blink. It’s a bit too tall though. Sitting on your tiptoes needs to be gotten use to, I guess. It’s like the commode in the handicapped stall. The cheap plastic seat should be replaced as well. Regularity is nicely maintained, albeit with some discomfort.

Tundra issues will be attended to sometime next week. One son says he can beat the NAPA prices ($130 each) on two new power steering hoses. Then the rear axle housing. And finally last, the Check Engine light which I’m surprised hasn’t burned itself out for being on for so long.

On Monday I’ll be racking my wort over to the keg after I get a final gravity reading. Then to the kegerator and finally to force carbed. 12 ounces of hops should make for a lip puckering IPA. We’ll see how it goes.

Things are running smoothly on the site and I still look forward to posting every day (Except for the holiday weekend.)

Thanks for stopping by.

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