Frankly speaking

I have ongoing leakage issues and a minor problem on my truck. Time to complain.

The day before the beer run to Joliet, I popped the hood and filled up the power steering reservoir. I figured that there would be enough fluid to get me there and back. The leaky power steering hose had yet to be addressed. When I slammed the hood down, it wouldn’t latch entirely. The mechanism at the latch was rusted and was not as resilient as it used to be. The release cable needed a little help from a screwdriver.

Friday, I piled my ass into the truck to make the 46 mile round trip. Entering I-80, as soon as I hit about 50mph, the hood came up to half-latch. I’d forgotten about that. I exited at the next ramp and pulled over. I grabbed the screwdriver from the floor of the passenger side and opened the hood. Pushing on levers back and forth, up and down I ultimately got a spring to jump off its attaching point.

“Screw this.” I closed the hood and reached in the bed for two bungee cords to secure the hood down. It looked tacky, as if all I’d need was Grandma Clampett in her rocking chair in the bed of the truck.


I took it slow down Route 6 and stayed off 80.

When I returned home, my son stopped by. He said “Ya know your diff is still leaking?” Crap. But he did instruct me for the third time on how to set up the hood latch so that it closes.

The power steering hose is a minor issue. One of my kids could possibly replace it in less than an hour. The rear axle housing is another story.

My wife has been fretting over the possibility of getting me a new truck when the finances can’t handle it. It’s one of those “what are we gonna do?” issues. I figure, that if I can score a rear housing from a boneyard, have it Line-X’ed and then have it installed in my truck, we’ll be good to go for another 150k miles. At least.

My two sons are certified ASE technicians and are more than qualified to tackle these jobs. But they have jobs of their own and families.

I love that truck and I know she has a lot more in her. I’ve got to take care of these issues before it snows again.

Thanks for stopping by.

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