Classic Italian joke

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.15.54 PMYou may have heard this one a long time ago.

So I go to da bigga city. I check inna big hotel, but when I go to my room, there is no sheet on the bed. So I call down anna tell them, I wanna sheet. He tella me, so go to da toilet. I say, you no unnerstand, I wanna sheet onna bed. He tella me, you better not sheet onna bed, you sonamabitch! He don’t even know me anna he calla me a sonamabitch!

So the next morning I go downstairs for breakfast. When I getta my plate, there is only a one piece of toast. I tella da waitress, I wanna two piece. She say, go to da toilet. Again with da toilet. I say you no unnerstand, I wanna two piece on my plate. She say, you better not piece onna da plate, you sonamabitch. SHE don’t know me anna she calla me a sonamabitch.

So I go to see sights. At lunch, I stop inna cafe. My table, she gotta knife anna spoon, but no fock. I tella da waiter, I wanna fock. He tella me, EVERYBODY wanna fock. I say, you no unnerstand, I wanna fock on da table. He tella me, you better not fock onna da table, you sonamabitch!

So I go back to da hotel to check out. When I finish paying, the man tella me Peace. I say, Peace onna you, too. He calla me a sonamabitch.

I go back to Italy now. SONAMABITCH!!!

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