Frankly speaking

On top of being Fathers Day, tomorrow is the first day of summer. The longest day of the year. Predictions are that we will have middle 80s tomorrow. Then Monday brings 90 degree weather. Then more rain with severe storms. What the hell is going on? Is this normal? It may be a harbinger of the climate change that we suspected was coming. Some entity has to come up with a plan to change this. As long as it doesn’t include drinking beer. Sure the beers are carbonated… but that isn’t us is it? Naah. It couldn’t be.

11026238_10206701686196339_4839211433831028670_nOne good thing about the rain is that you can pinpoint exactly which gutters need cleaning. The bad thing is that the grass is growing as if on steroids. Ironically, California is seriously running out of water. It can’t be the breweries, can it? Naah. It couldn’t be.

It’s come to the point in my life where my sons are discussing which tools of mine they would like. I gave away my amputating table saw to one son, a 60-bin parts bench to another as well as my many of my air tools. Is there some disaster coming that I don’t know about? Probably, but it ain’t yet. And the garage remains a mess.

The cleanup will be slow and when it actually gets done, the garage will remain the Manly Garage but it will eventually be for respite from the TV noises in the living room, toilet flushing and banging around in cabinets. It would be almost perfectly quiet. The garage will more than likely become Party Central for whatever comes down the line, including spontaneous garage parties. And storage for the lawnmower. I gotta get crackin’. That actually sounds pretty cool.

The site is running smoothly and readership is still pretty impressive for a one man operation. Expect more of┬áthe same. Don’t be shy to comment. Yes. Comment a lot. I acknowledge almost all of them. It just depends on what gear mind is in at the time.

Thanks for stopping by. I still love doing this shit.

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