Frankly speaking

We had another kid get married last Friday. That’s 2 down, 2 to go. There was no ceremony, just a simple officiating at the courthouse attended by the bride and groom’s parents. They wanted it to be low key. That was fine but we pushed for at least a little luncheon afterwards. Nah they said. The wife and I had McDonald’s that evening. Then we received pictures. The best one was the kiss out on a farm with their son. The kid upside down and the bride’s cowboy boots.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.47.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.48.14 PM


Now, back to normal.

Here at the site, it looks like our homepage loads about 2 seconds faster. Whoop. Maybe, just maybe putting all the images on the subdomain is helping our cause. We’ll check back in at the end of next month. Man, I hope this works. I really appreciate you guys putting up with that initial waiting. It’s been my biggest concern.

My old Mac keyboard gave me a bit of a problem moving files around. I think the left Command key was a little booged. But hell, it lasted almost 7 years. Millions of crumbs and fingernail clippings and beer droplets disappeared down into the crevasses. That was likely the problem. Sometimes moving files would get lost in limbo as only half of them would load into the new directory. They couldn’t be deleted nor trashed. I finally ordered a USB wireless Logitech unit that’s powered from the desktop lamp (“solar”.) Everything’s working fine now.

Right now, as I type this, both CPU processors are at 100%. The fans are spinning at 1300rpm but they’re not loud. There’s some process in there that’s causing this to happen. Tomorrow, I’ll look into this in more detail. Oops. Looks like Time Machine was making a backup. Still, I’ll see what tomorrow brings and perhaps stretch out the times for these automatic backups. Or move the TM backup drive back to the desktop.

I’m running Firefox v38.0.1 and between it and YouTube my left mouse button is really getting a workout. It now takes more clicks to get to the same place I used to get to in one click. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

Thanks for stopping by whenever you can. I appreciate your smiling faces even if I don’t know who the hell you are. This shit. Still love it.

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