Blue Collar Brew Review – Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0

Stone logoI was at the Route 6 beer shop looking to pick up another 4-pack of Founders Curmudgeon. The lady of the establishment mentioned that she took delivery of that beer that I was asking for. She reached at the sixpack sitting on the middle shelf and produced Stone Ruination DIPA 2.0.

I had been asking around at stores in the area and no one had taken delivery of it or even heard about it. Until now. Along with the Curmudgeon and 2.0, I picked up a bottle of mead for my son and his new wife. Mead for newlyweds is an old Viking tradition:

The term ‘honeymoon’ can be traced to the medieval tradition of drinking this honey wine for a full cycle of the moon after marriage. Mead was thought to be an aphrodisiac, and if it was consumed by newlyweds, offspring would hopefully soon follow. A bride’s father would often include enough mead in her dowry to last for a month. (Source)

I’ll get 3 more bottles of mead for the couple to help soften their rolls in the hay for the next month.

2.0 sixSomething completely differentI wondered how Stone treated this beer in calling it a 2.0 version of Ruination. Perhaps is was merely an amped up version of their flagship. Or it could be something completely different as was their RuinTen beer.

Regardless, I was in the mood for some beer and a DIPA would perfectly fill the bill. Let’s get started.

2.0 foamThe bottle filled the glass with a hazy yellow-orange liquid. An inch and a half head of white foam topped off the ordeal. Carbonation was moderate. The aroma was of those resiny hops with a slight tinge of fruit.

That much.The first sip had a medium mouthfeel The beer tasted just like it smelled with some sharp grassy hop notes at the swallow and some fruity sweetness up front. The grass hops take a bit of the shine away from the fruity notes in front. I could tell that this was not another hops for the sake of hops IPA. If the front fruitiness were more pronounced I’d declare this beer a winner. But they missed it by > < that much.

I had just briefly skimmed my review of Ruination from back in 2013 and it looks as if both beers are very similar in taste. However, the ABV of the 2.0 is higher by 0.8%. Stone also makes (made) a double IPA before this 2.0 as well, but it’s even closer in alcohol percentage coming short by only 0.3%. When you finally see how close the numbers are, ya gotta wonder, so why this 2.0 so special? For right now, it’s the hype and new 2.0 number.

Why was I so hot to trot getting this beer? For those exact same reasons. I was hoping for something special when in fact, I was getting pretty much more of the same. For 8-tenths of a percent of alcohol, you’ll wind up spending 2 1/2 bucks more for a beer that tastes very much like it’s older sibling.

Please don’t take me the wrong way. 2.0 is an excellent IPA and you know it’s got some smacking power right from the first sip. The beer is rightfully styled to the DIPA guidelines and delivers on all counts. But right now, I’m wondering if this wasn’t simply a marketing ploy by Stone.

This calls for a blind comparison. Ruination IPA to Ruination DIPA to Ruination 2.0. I’ll let you make the comparison as my wallet is still warm from the purchase. Now RuinTen… that’s the beer that Stone homered with.

2.0 glass

Ruination Double IPA 2.0 is a fine drinkable beer and true to the style. The fans of highly hoppy beers will love it. A bit of fruit up front and a grassy sting at the swallow. A sixpack will set you right with the world about the 4th bottleful. For me, it’s just another small variation on a theme from Stone.

The SixPackTech summary for Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0:

Style: Imperial/Double IPA
Taste: Some sweetness but mostly hops dominate.
Smoothness: The hop harshness may put some off of this beer.
Drinkability: Perhaps a couple of bottles’ worth will do me just fine.
Bang for the buck: A bit much compared to the other Ruination beers.
Amount paid: $14.99 per 6 12-ounce bottles.
Get it again? Probably not.
ABV: 8.5%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Sniff) It’s fruity. More apricotty. (sip) A little dry, a little bitter. (sip) Real dry actually as you go along. (Close but no cigar.)

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Stone’s take on 2.0 [1:59]

Melon? Berries? Pfft!



Ruination 2.0

Ruination 2.0

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