It’s Mother’s  Day. If your mom is still around, spend some time with her if even just to talk. Your smiling face is enough to make her day.

We had about 3 days of 80° temps until the rains hit. The rollercoaster temp range has been activated for the rest of the week hover in the low 60s. But the sweatshirts have been put away along with the heavy hoodies and the Carhartt coat. This is the time that I like. You’re on your own to make a decision on days like this. Either get some chores done outside, or sit inside and watch what whatever sports are on the tube or cruise the Net. Don’t matter. It’s all good. Spring is here. The Slinks can wait.

Nice Pics

Flooding in Lincoln, Nebraska 2015 [1:23]

NASA’s Greased Lightning [4:44]

World’s first $9 computer [3:33]

DiResta Vintage Sign [7:41]

5 Minutes in the Ms. Pac-Man Factory, 1982 [4:31]

1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead [11:44] – Jay Leno’s Garage

Girls are Crazy and Awesome [3:41]

Australian Barbecue Championships [16:02]

The Olympia Restaurant [4:24] – SNL classic


Aeternum [3:03]

Medusa’s Ball [6:15]

Two Worlds [7:36]


One man band [1:53]

Groovy dancing girl [3:39] – a very old Fave

Meanwhile, in Russia [3:15]

Quickie Faves

Drift into shop [0:14]

Calling groundhog [0:43] – volume up a bit

Foul mouthed parrot [0:13]

* Jiffs *


Fizzics device [0:53]

DIY shed tavern – Imgur album


The Cadillac truck you’ve never heard of [8:11] – Big Muscle

A-10 Warthog strafing runs [2:35]

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 – Wild in the streets of LA [12:08]

MMA fight of the year 2014 [3:11] – Aldo vs. Mendes

Medieval Combat World Championship [11:32] – USA vs. Poland

Muscle Car of the Week Viewer mail [7:47]

The old UFC [7:30] – no rules

Mike Tyson – Destroyer in Prime [8:48]

Arabs shooting guns [4:18] – Fave

Bouncy babe in a Supra [2:25] – cheap, I know, but I just had to

Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run [4:33]

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