Frankly speaking

Just so ya know, WordPress is now being automatically updated without human intervention. Not bad. That means any security issues that were fixed were given to us like magic. Also, our domains are now being automatically renewed. Some time in July, I’ll just get a bump on the credit card bill.

What still concerns me are the site load times. I’ve been placing all the images during the weekly posts over on the Pics.SPT subdomain. A son noted that it’s nice to be able to close a window rather than hit the back button. I’m wondering if we’ll ever wriggle out of this load time hole in the near future. Perhaps another call to HostGator tech support is in order. I hate when you have to wait.

I’ve been encouraged once again to continue the Long Saturday posts. I try to post interesting documentaries that are relevant to us and are under an hour long. This Saturday’s topic was a planetary disaster viewed with 5 different disaster scenarios as the end all event. It’s almost like a made for TV movie and very well done.

After a couple of days of 80° weather, the temps have dropped into the 60s once again thanks to the rain. It’ll be warmer by the end of the week and garage clean-up will begin. My kids have volunteered to help and I must look into dumpster rentals. It’d be great to continue the spontaneous garage parties that we use to have.

For the homebrew club, the August competition was decided to be a homebrewed clone of Founders All Day IPA. I’m up ferdat. I’ll have to pick up a few samples of the beer and see what I can find. Hey. How about a review of that beer? I’m up ferdat too.

Once again, I thank you guys for stopping by and visiting whenever you can. Yep. Still love doing this shit. Cheers!

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