Frankly speaking

My apologies but there won’t be a Brew Review for Saturday night. The day will speak for itself.

This afternoon was the Ottawa Morel Mashup where mushrooms and homebrew were celebrated with great success. Temps were in the t-shirt range. Classes and a scavenger hunt for morels in the early hours and small homebrew samples in the afternoon. My #1 son and I drove out there in the afternoon and the beer tent was packs. It was loud. Everyone was laughing, smiling and drinking beer from tiny plastic sampling cups. I’d say about 8 or 10 Homebrew clubs in the area brought kegs of beer to pour for the guests who paid the $5 entry fee. All total, there were approximately 65 kegs of various styles and tastes available for sampling.

Every one of the beers I sampled were out of this world and I was impressed at how far the local homebrewers have honed their craft to brew such great beer. Some samples included a robust porter, imperial cherry stout, La Fin Du Monde tripel clone, peach Double IPA, Spook Powder, cherry wheat, and the flavors continued. All were amazing. I had wished to be able to buy a sixpack of these beers at a bottle shop, they were that good.

WE stayed until all the clubs packed up their gear and departed. We decided to have a spontaneous garage party afterwards at my other son’s house. A text was sent and OKed. We showed up with beer and a party mix for the stereo (all classic rock.) The wife came and showed up with pizzas to feed the lot of humanity in the garage. A friend and a sibling soon arrived and it was a low-key fun filled evening of conversation and music, memorable in every way.

In my present state, I would be unable to give a valid opinion of a new commercial beer for this Saturday evening. I’m sure you won’t mind. I’ve skipped brew reviews on rare occasions in the past and you’ve always understood. It’s what makes being alive on this planet at this time so good. Family, food and beer.

Business as normal will continue on Sunday with Slinks and the Weekly Babes. Thanks a lot for dropping in.

(Did a spellcheck on the above paragraphs and my keyboard got warm to the touch. Pfft!)

Note: I’ll place a link somewhere tomorrow of all the pics taken at the Morel Fest.

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