Frankly speaking

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.08.47 PMFor me, April can’t get here fast enough. My garage is a mess and I’ve been waiting for warmer weather to get out there and start cleaning up. I’ll be looking at small dumpster rentals in the area and I hope that the one neighbor we have two lots over doesn’t complain. Should be OK as long as it’s not noisy after 10 p.m. The bastard.

Another week went by without a takedown notice in one form or another. It’s not like we’re profiting from other peoples’ work, but rather we’re sharing it. SPT gets by with my own personal finances and the few (two) advertisers we have. That and a small donation every so often. I’ve stopped editing out watermarks on some of the babe’s images as gaudy as they may be with the exception of a few. I’ve been avoiding the Playboy image pics as outstandingly beautiful as they may be. I felt like everyone has seen them in the magazine. I’ll change that thinking.

I’ve been posting a documentary video on Saturday mornings and I’m limiting them to under an hour in duration and also pertinent to what I gather is our collective interests. I’ll continue posting on Saturday mornings until I run out of content, readers run out of interest or I just plain forget. It’s just for those who are stuck in the house or for whatever reason don’t like what’s on TV.

SPT doesn’t get a lot of comments on posts and I’ve learned to live with that. We all have our own lives to live in this very busy world. When a reader comments to a post, it’s straight forward, meaningful and from the heart. I read every comment and consider them for what they are, how the commenter really felt and what I could possibly do about it. Yep. Every damn one of ’em.

Google and YouTube drive me up the wall sometimes. Especially YouTube. I still can’t set start and stop times on embedded videos and I’m puzzled as which entity is the problem. Mac OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite, Firefox 36.0.4, AdBlock or just YouTube. Maybe it’s a Javascript I can’t see. Maybe it’s my neighbor two lots over.

The Google doodles annoy me to no end to the point where I select Bing as my temporary homepage. This is why I place the Jiffs under a “read more” tag. Who wants to see that shit out of the corner of their eye while they’re trying to read or look at something else?

Jeezuz, that just turned into rant didn’t it. Time to finish and post the Weekly Babes.

Once more with vigor, thanks for stopping by.

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