It’s Sunday and it’s the 3rd day of spring regardless of the mid-forty degree temp. At least your nose hairs won’t freeze and stick together. Some birds have returned and the flies and mosquitoes are still pupatingly sleeping. Keep the snow shovel handy for now. Ya never know. The Slinks have reemerged from a one-week hiatus and are waiting to take you away to a place that may be a little warmer.

Spring scenes – The Big Picture

CES 2015 : Parrot MiniDrones Choreography [3:29]

Switch hitter vs. switch pitcher [8:14]

ACL reconstruction in 3D [4:15] – knee surgery animation

Journey to the center of the Earth – interactive

China’s ghost cities [10:49]

The evolution of US girls’ names [4:26]

3 methods for headlight lens restoration [13:38]

Level 4 magnetic storm on the sun [4:15]

Reverend Jesse Jackson narrates Green Eggs and Ham [1:39]


Animation in steel [1:00]

King of Fighters in real life [3:07]

Freeway Phobia [15:33] – Disney’s Goofy (pfft!)


The Light Cavalry Overture [2:19]

Jerry Lewis pantomimes Count Basie [2:06] – from The Errand Boy – 1961

The 1770s collide with the 1970s [4:00]


Fart dust [0:16]

Bicycle crash [0:29]

Bomb shockwave [0:15]

* Jiffs *


Icelandic beer replaces Bud at Epcot

Craft on Craft Crime [0:46] – Sam

170-year-old shipwreck beer


Helicopter minigun training [3:12]

Manny Pacquiao’s greatest hits [9:55]

High-speed ride with Subaru Rally Team USA’s David Higgins [5:16] – now look at this

Best MMA knocks of 2014 [9:39]

1969 Dodge Charger R/T 426 Hemi [6:16] – Muscle Car of the Week

Flight Sport [6:31] – audio quits in the middle

Self-assembling table saw [4:55] – stop-motion animation

Making a Rolls Royce [9:45]

Quarter mile crashes [5:45]

Jocasta Doyle photoshoot [3:12] – part one [2:09] – same music

Rolling Stones – Sad Sad Sad [3:12] – didn’t know Mick knew his way around a guitar

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