The new MacBook, Frankly speaking

Apple held an event yesterday that was focused on their new wearable device. Being a guy who has worn an analog pocketwatch for decades, I wasn’t interested. What intrigued me the most was their new MacBook.


I guess the terminology of MacBook Air and Mac Book Pro are now combined into a single entity. The big thing that has me most concerned was the single USB-3 USB Type C port to provide everything from power to external device hook-ups, chargers, and what have you. How can they do that without cutting their own throats?

It was years ago when Apple decided to not include floppy drives. Soon after, optical CD drives were gone. Then Firewire. With the Air, the Ethernet hookup went away. Then Lightning came and has now seemingly disappeared. The new MacBook brings up many questions. Does Apple want everyone to be 100% mobile? The iPad and iPhone can prove a point in this instance.

All eyes are focused on the largest corporation in the world. The consumers will make the decision. I won’t be one of them. Let’s see how this goes. Aver como va.

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