Did you remember to set your clocks ahead one hour? Seems odd that we’re still in the throes of winter and now we save some more daylight time. Maybe if the suns stays out an hour longer it’ll melt the snow. (Pfft!) Your day may be short on sleep but it’ll be long on daylight. But when the temps are still in the 20s, what fun is that? We have the Slinks all lined up below to help brighten your day. (Pfft! again)

Empty oil barrels – The Big Picture

Measuring Mars’ Ancient Ocean [3:57]

Internet Story [9:32]

The biggest heavy equipment in the world [5:57]

Kaboom! [5:22]

Large asteroid impact simulation [4:47] – may be a repost – so what?

A tribute to fiction [3:38]

Norwegian Military Tattoo 2004 [8:27]

Danish language [4:15]

Rent A Wreck [22:38] – an entire Red Green episode


Tha Cliff [2:47]

Chronemics [6:17]

¡MONSTRO! [10:24]


Mozart’s Turkish March on computer keyboard [2:00]

Peter Wolf – Come as You Are [3:19] – volume up

Johnny Cash – One Piece at a Time [3:40]


When you walk by a car that’s playing the song you like [0:35]

Douchebag gets KO-ed quick [0:42]

Dump truck gives up on life [0:13]

* Jiffs *


Beer Styles Pictorial

Stone Pale Ale recipe now open source – brew it yourself

In Angola, Cuca is Beer [1:00]


People are awesome [10:05]

Jammin’ Gears [11:13]

Ronda Rousey highlights [4:40]

.223 Ripout rounds ballistic test [13:31]

Medieval jousting [2:30]

1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am [5:15]

Explosions [1:05]

Best Boxing Knockouts of 2014 [10:10]

2015 Pro Bowl highlights [4:14]

Some babe fishing [3:54]

 Styx – Renegade [7:32]

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