Frankly speaking

I had a helluva week battling a cold. Massive cough, nose runs, sneezing, no aches though. By Wednesday the diaphragm ached with each hack. Doctor Mom advised and medicated me to the point where the beer could take over and gently float me to bed. Things are about 90% back to normal on this Saturday night.

On this 1st day of March, St. Patrick’s day is a little over 2 weeks away. Dark Lord Day tickets usually go on sale (for about 3 minutes) online. They’ve increased the price to $40 per ticket while still limiting attendees to 4 bottles per ticket. I will buy 2 tickets (if I can) but stay home this year. My sons will take care of the rest.

The website is chuggin’ along but I’m concerned about the load times for the main page. For me, using the latest version of Firefox, the little blue circle in the tab at the very top, stutters as the site is loading. Motion, stop. Motion, stop, etc. It looks like it takes a little over 10 seconds to get fully loaded. I can ping it and receive responses in about 63 msec. I think that this could be a host server thing. If you are experiencing the same wait time when the site loads, please leave a comment. Let me know if you are using Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, or what-have-you, I could use the ammo when I call tech support.

I don’t know how the Saturday documentaries were accepted but I posted another one anyway. I’ll wait and see how it goes over. I’ll never know if no one comments. Maybe if they’re under an hour long. Maybe if they go away for good.

The family will be visiting our domicile this Sunday for the weather-delayed Super Bowl Reuben sandwiches. The living room will fill up with boisterous laughter and the kitchen will smell delicious. The wife will cook and I will butter the rye bread slices and bus them out to the kindred. There will be demands for seconds and thirds. I’ll have the fridge stocked with craft beers and no doubt one or two sons will bring some homebrew.

Here I am in the dark, at my computer desk, pounding on the keyboard and talking to who knows how many faceless readers. I’d feel deathly alone if it wasn’t for the fact that I know someone, somewhere reads this shit. I love it.

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2 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. SkipHerr says:

    Keep plugging away Frank…

  2. Terry says:

    Concur with ~ 10sec load time using Firefox.

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